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Last updated 12/20/2016
Dedicated to the assurance of optimal prehospital care in the County of  San Luis Obispo, the Emergency Medical Services Agency(EMS Agency) has an obligation
to ensure the EMS community maintains the highest possible standards for professional medical treatment of the public. To this end, the EMS Agency supports
the need for the EMS community to demand of its employees the highest expectation for professional ethics and personal integrity. This extends from personal
conduct as a representative of the EMS community, to the emergency medical assistance provided through the course of their employment.

Recognizing the public’s expectation for professional and ethical conduct of those in the medical services field, the EMS Agency will continue to assist the EMS
community through its philosophic support of professional ethics and values. Moreover, the EMS Agency will maintain an expectation of professional and ethical
conduct of those members of the EMS community whom the EMS Agency supports through its program coordination, including certification, training, accreditation,
authorization and continuing education.
Statement of Professional Ethics and Values

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Working to assure that our county’s residents and visitors receive optimal prehospital care on a daily basis and protection during public health emergencies.
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